5 Added Coverage Options For Car Insurance During Monsoon

5 Added Coverage Options For Car Insurance During Monsoon

The season of rain and thunder is usually a beautiful sight for our eyes. It is inspiring to see greenery and mountains submerged in clouds. However, the monsoon season has an adverse impact on our cities and towns in the form of floods and waterlogging. Along with this, a persistent downpour throughout the day affects our four-wheelers and can lead to immense damages. 

To ensure that your four-wheeler stays protected during the monsoon season, you can include certain add-ons in your car insurance policy. With the advent of technology, you can get car insurance quotes online and purchase or renew your policy with the selected add-ons in a hassle-free manner. 

What are add-ons in car insurance?

Add-ons in car insurance policies are additional features you can add to protect your car in specific situations. The inclusion of an add-on to the insurance policy for your four wheeler can help enhance the car insurance coverage. While a comprehensive insurance plan may provide you with suitable coverage, the inclusion of the relevant add-ons will help you get a higher degree of protection. 

You can include the desired car insurance add-ons whilst purchasing the insurance plan. Leading Insurers such as Tata AIG also allow you to include add-ons during the renewal of your car insurance policy. For instance, If you are carrying out a Tata AIG car insurance renewal, you can include the required add-ons. This way, if you had missed out on including any add-ons during the policy purchase, you can include them while renewing the plan.  

There is a wide list of insurance add-ons available for car owners. You can go through the list of the add-ons available on the selected insurer’s website before including the relevant ones in your insurance plan. However, you must be mindful of the add-ons you include since each of them carries an additional cost and increases the policy premium. Therefore, you must carefully choose the add-ons for your car insurance policy.  

5 Added coverage options for your car insurance policy during the monsoons

A comprehensive car insurance plan can protect your vehicle from the financial ramifications of unforeseen eventualities. However, this coverage will not help you if your engine breaks down due to heavy rainfall or flooding. Therefore, it is important to include the add-ons that can help you during such situations. 

To ensure that your vehicle is ready for the monsoons, here are some add-ons that you must include in the insurance for your four-wheeler: 

  • Gearbox & Engine protection:

By including this car insurance add-on, you can enhance the protection of your car’s engine. During the monsoon season, there is a high possibility that water may seep into your engine and cause some damage. Water damage to the engine can cause your car to break down unexpectedly and suddenly. With the inclusion of this add-on, you can get coverage for repairing or replacing the engine and the gearbox. 

  • Roadside Assistance Service:

Continuous exposure to rainfall can lead to severe damages to your vehicle. Along with this, the roads may get waterlogged or not be in good condition for driving. These factors may lead to your four-wheeler breaking down in the middle of the road. 

However, you can get the assistance you need when your car breaks down with the addition of the ‘Roadside Assistance Service’ add-on in your car insurance policy. The roadside assistance cover provides the following benefits. 

  • You will get a mechanic at your present location to repair the damaged component of the car. 
  • If the aforementioned damage cannot be fixed, then you will get a towing service to move the vehicle to a nearby network garage. 
  • If the car is facing battery-related issues, a technician shall be sent to your location to jump-start the car. 
  • If the car’s tyre has burst or gone bad, the insurer will send some assistance to fix the problem. 
  • If you have misplaced your car key, you shall receive the required assistance to deal with the problem.
  • Consumables add-on:

The consumables add-on offers financial protection for the loss of different consumables in a car, such as nuts, bolts, oil, etc. These components of the vehicle can be severely impacted due to a change in the weather. Therefore, it is important to ensure that these components are in a good condition to enhance the functionality and safety of your car. 

  • Zero depreciation cover:

The monsoon season can have a long-term impact on our cars, which can get compounded over the years and drastically affect the car’s value. However, with a Zero Depreciation coverage included in your car insurance policy, you shall get compensation in the wake of theft or any damage to your car based on your car’s value that gets ascertained while purchasing the insurance plan, that is, its ‘Insured Declared Value’. 

  • Emergency transport and hotel expenses:

If your car malfunctions in the middle of a journey, this add-on will help you manage the expenses of your overnight accommodation as well as your transportation back to your home. It is an excellent way to ensure that you will not be left stranded in a random location. 


While the monsoon can be a beautiful experience for our senses, it can be devastating for our beloved cars. This is why it is important to ensure that our vehicles are well-protected from the impact of heavy rainfall. TATA AIG car insurance policies can be helpful in protecting us from the financial losses resulting from such damages. 

However, their coverage may not be enough for the damages caused by consistent rains. Therefore, you must enhance the protection of your four-wheeler with the inclusion of the relevant add-ons to your car insurance plan.