10 Common Types Of Infographics You Should Know

10 Common Types Of Infographics You Should Know

No matter how modern graphic designing has become, infographics boast their own unique role. These visuals are great for telling stories about anything that exists in your company. The first-ever infographic was used in the 1700s to depict the labor wages. Infographics can be used in any situation. A graphic designing agency may use it to spread brand awareness about its client efficiently. You can find infographics on the internet. Also, there exist some common types of infographics. In this article, I will tell you some common types of infographics. All these infographics are important for you to know.

1. Data-Centric

As the name implies, data-centric infographics focus on data extracted from particular research analysis. By backing a common idea, you can have a better data visualization with the use of these infographics. Mostly, pie charts are used to represent data because users can easily grasp data from these types of statistical symbols.

2. Timeline

Timelines have found their applications in infographics. If you want to discuss a topic’s history, you can choose this type of infographic. Because timeline infographics display data clearly in the chronological system, you can use a number of infographics in a single infographic.

3. How To

The how-to type of infographics can be used to answer queries related to your business. In case you want to tell people how to use your product, this infographic can be quite useful. With step by step, you can give instructions to your users. A product-based company uses this infographic for its social media promotion.

4. Geographical

Geographical infographics can be used to show trends in a particular city, state, or the whole country. These infographics are best for companies from the area of travel and tourism. Mostly, maps are used to give details about a particular region. You can keep the entire map in your infographics to display information based on your geographical location.

5. Comparison

There occur many situations where you have to compare two or more subjects. You can compare your new product with your old product or someone’s product. With this infographic, you can share some common facts about two different entities and merits and demerits between them. Also, you can distribute an entity in multiple parts and tell about each one of them in a particular column.

6. Hierarchical

If you have a category of your products or services that has subcategories, you can use hierarchical infographics. Hierarchical infographics can be used to show how your products can be used at different levels. Therefore, you can break down single information or a process into a tree-structure or a pyramid structure.

7. Flowchart

Flowcharts are the oldest and most basic type of infographics. Flowcharts are quite common in the IT industry. A company dealing with any type of IT service can make use of flowcharts to simplify a process. For other companies, flowcharts can be used to break down a solution into a series of actions. If any process splits and spreads in your company, you can display it entirely with this flowchart infographic.

8. Lists

This type of infographic is mostly used by companies dealing with the retail sector. You can display your visual content by making use of symbols and text. Lists are known for their versatility. If you have any blog, its content can go well with lists. Thus, lists can be used to display a whole story in a concise manner.

9. Anatomical

With Anatomical infographics, you can break down the structure of a subject into various parts. After that, they can be used to show how a particular thing works. Plenty of areas such as technology, biotechnology, food, architecture, etc use these infographics. All these fields require a process to be broken down. Thus, you can apply anatomical infographics.

10. Visual Resume

Infographics have now found their use in job applications or resumes. Visual resumes are for personal use. Let’s face it! If you have a resume with compelling graphics, more companies will be willing to approach you. Nowadays, visual resumes are slowly replacing traditional black and white resumes. Your goals and achievements can easily be displayed with this infographic.

To Sum Up

So, I have described some common types of infographics that are useful in different industries. You can use them according to your company’s needs. A team that consists of the best graphic designers knows which infographics to choose for a particular situation. If you are a newbie in the business world, try to approach graphic designing services in Noida. Infographics can be handled by experienced professionals because they are not some fliers or banners. Infographics are self-explanatory images. You should use them efficiently because they will get you the best results from graphic designing and digital marketing.